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What We Do

Targeted Advertising

Reach your exact audience through precise targeting and effective messaging.

Unique Photo & Video Campaigns

Capture attention and generate buzz with our dazzling and memorable photo and video campaigns.

GPS and Data Analytics

Track and analyze the performance of your advertising campaigns using advanced GPS and data analytics technology.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Maximize your advertising budget with our cost-effective and measurable solutions.

Why Choose Us

1. Size

You can’t miss it, and there’s no way to avoid having your eyes drawn towards a MASSIVE truck and driving by.

2. Clutter-Free

This is arguably one of the only out-of-home (OOH) advertising medium that is clutter-free. Unlike standard static billboards, mobile billboard advertisers never have to worry about competing for viewers’ attention.

3. Peak Times and Traffic

Your advertisement can be driven during peak times such as rush hour traffic, long weekend holidays, etc. This is especially useful for targeting as you can specify times that cater to a specific target audience.

4. Impressions

Mobile billboard advertising yields the cheapest cost per impressions (CPM)! This is the primary way that industry professionals measure the efficiency of their advertising.

5, Contracts

Generally speaking, contracts for mobile billboards are significantly more flexible than its competing marketing mediums. You can lease trucks for advertising for usually shorter amounts of time compared to static billboards (usually minimum of 3 months).

6. Moving Ad

Unlike static billboards or other OOH mediums, this advertisement is running. It is not restricted to just one location.

7. Flexibility

Almost always you can change up your mobile billboard campaign according to unique offerings, new products or services, etc.! Furthermore, installation is cheaper and faster compared to static billboards.

8. Cheap

Compared to other forms of out-of-home advertising, mobile billboards are by far the most affordable.

9. Targeting

You can target several demographics simultaneously. This is the best way to create top-of-mind awareness for consumers and generate strong brand awareness.

10, Brand awareness

Repetitive messages, slogans, images, and themes, create brand awareness and familiarity with the consumer. This fact becomes especially useful when your ad is being driven around on a giant truck all around highly populated cities.