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Sick of wasting money? Tired of “boosting” instagram posts and paying for ads that garner ZERO business? Yeah us too. Why does this happen? Everyone has a phone and looks at it 24/7, so how and why on earth am I not getting tons of business?

My partner and I started Mobile Billboard Media as we learned the hard way that social media DOES NOT equal sales. It equals brand awareness. Is that important? Absolutely. Does it directly equal sales? Not as much as we thought. Social media is HUGE, and it’s here to stay, and every business should take advantage of it, however it does not make sales on its own.  Increasing brand awareness is important IF AND ONLY IF a customer is thinking of it at that moment.  For example, let’s say you are thinking of an energy drink. First few that come to mind Red Bull, Celcius, Monster, whatever it may be. What if I said their slogan “Red bull gives you ____”……I’m pretty sure you know the rest. The point is unless you were thinking of it naturally or someone says i want an energy drink (word of mouth) it’s not crossing your mind. In fact 99% of Red Bull’s social media is not even about their product! You’ll see on their instagram Bike racing, snowboarding, animals, celebrities etc. People know Red Bull and their slogan etc because of brand awareness. Do you know who purchases the most Red Bull? The grocery chains. The point is social media brings brand awareness. However a LOCAL business with their customer base being from their surrounding area, If there was a GIANT BILLBOARD TRUCK forcing people to see your product/service with your videos and pictures in your local area, that’s where you get a real bang for your buck! There’s also a huge psychological difference in seeing something on your phone versus in real life. We use your Brand to HYPER TARGET your EXACT audience right now! Not just letting your money be scrolled past on someone’s phone. Long Island New York has a population of roughly 8 million people and we’re ready to drive right up to them and showcase your business, today!


“Our marketing campaign saw a significant boost thanks to the LED board truck. The vibrant, dynamic ads captured everyone’s attention. It’s an innovative way to stand out in a crowded market. Highly recommend it!”

Sarah Thompson

“The LED board truck was a game-changer for our product launch. The bright, eye-catching displays made sure our message was seen all over the city. It’s a powerful advertising tool that delivers real results.”

James O’Connor

“We used the LED board truck for our grand opening, and it was a huge success. The moving ads brought in curious customers who wouldn’t have known about us otherwise. It’s worth every penny!”

Linda Martinez

“The LED board truck exceeded our expectations. The quality of the display was outstanding, and it helped us reach a broader audience. Our sales increased significantly after using this innovative advertising method.”

David Kim

“Our event turnout doubled thanks to the LED board truck. The moving visuals and strategic routes ensured maximum exposure. It’s an effective and modern way to advertise any event.”

Emily Carter

“I was impressed by the impact of the LED board truck on our brand awareness campaign. The vibrant visuals grabbed attention, and we saw a noticeable uptick in foot traffic to our stores. Highly effective and worth the investment!”

Robert Johnson

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